Clearing Out the Junk in Your Home

If you’re prone to cluttering up a room with paper piles, toys or anything else that doesn’t belong there, it’s time for a Entrümpelung . Start with your desk or other flat surfaces, and remove everything from them. Sort through the items you plan to keep, and put away or dispose of the rest. It’s also a good idea to go through items on the floor and on shelves, putting them into piles to keep, donate or throw away.

Essential Tips for a Successful Clearing Out Process

The entryway is another common spot to build up lots of stuff, since it’s often the first place people land when they get home from work or school. To prevent this high-traffic area from becoming a dumping ground, consider making it a point to clean out the space regularly. Remove all the clutter from the floor and surfaces, and make sure all items that belong in a different room are stored neatly.

Closets are also a common place for junk to accumulate. If you’ve got a lot of clothing hanging up, take the opportunity to go through it and get rid of any that you no longer wear or no longer fit. Also consider donating any old clothes or shoes you don’t need to charity, and storing unused seasonal items like beach towels or winter coats in storage.

Every house usually has one (or more) rooms that become a dumping ground for random stuff. Whether it’s the attic, a spare bedroom or the garage, it’s time to clear out these areas by going through everything that’s accumulated there.

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