How to Select the Best Thermal Imaging Cameras

With a wide variety of applications, thermal imaging cameras enhance safety and efficiency across numerous industries. They offer a number of benefits, from helping you spot trespassers on your property to assisting fire crews in finding people trapped inside burning buildings. When selecting a thermal imaging camera, you should consider your specific requirements, applications and budgetary constraints.

The best thermal imaging cameras are versatile and durable. They have a high detector resolution and can capture images from a distance, providing clear images that can be used for evidence in court cases. In addition to the detector resolution, the thermal imaging camera’s sensitivity is another important factor. This is the camera’s ability to discern different levels of heat between two objects with similar temperatures. It’s important for specialized uses like firefighters, who need to find the heat signature of a person’s body in smoke, or inspectors who are trying to determine if there is friction between moving parts.

Top Picks Reviewed: The Best Thermal Imaging Cameras of the Year

One of our favourite thermal imaging cameras is the Seek Reveal, which offers an excellent combination of features for a great price. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use for a range of applications. The Reveal can also capture visible images and place them over the thermal image to help you better understand the situation. The device comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a 3GB internal memory for storage and sharing of images. It can even detect damp spots, which is useful for building inspections.

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