Best Affordable Golf Launch Monitors

Having a firm understanding of your golf ball’s carry distance, Most affordable golf launch monitors angle and spin rate is an extremely valuable piece of information to have for any player. Whether you are a scratch golfer dialing in your wedges or an 8 handicap attempting to straighten out that frustrating directional miss, a good launch monitor can be worth the investment. However, not all monitors are created equal and some tend to cost a lot more than others.

Can I put a golf simulator in my house?

There are two main types of golf launch monitors; camera based and radar based. The former uses high speed images captured at, and after, impact to render the information on screen while the latter uses Doppler radar technology to track the golf ball in flight post-impact. The more expensive units typically have a greater degree of accuracy, but the lower priced models are still quite reliable.

The best budget launch monitors tend to fall into the $500 range and, with the exception of a few, all deliver solid performance for their price point. One of the most popular is the Flight Scope Mevo. Easily the most portable unit on this list, it connects to your mobile device and tracks eight highly accurate swing data parameters via 3D doppler radar: carry distance, club speed, ball speed, spin rate, horizontal launch, vertical launch, apex height and flight time.

Another great option is the Swing Caddie SC4 which can be used at home or on the course and boasts simulator capabilities. It also offers a number of additional metrics that are not often found on more affordable units, including club path, face angle and angle of attack.

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