Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cost Calculator

Hardwood floor refinishing can keep your home looking fresh and updated. However, refinishing your hardwood floors can be expensive and it’s important to carefully consider your budget and the current state of your hardwood floors before starting the project. Hardwood floor refinishing cost calculator a good idea to get a few estimates and find out the average cost of refinishing your hardwood floors before you start the project.

Can I refinish my hardwood floors myself?

The square footage of the area you want to refinish is one of the major factors influencing the overall cost. Larger areas will require more materials and labor, which can drive up the final price.

Refinishing the wood floors will typically include the following steps:

Sanding the Hardwood: This is usually the most expensive part of refinishing hardwood floors. The sanding process removes the top layer of existing stain and can also repair surface damage such as scratches, dents or water marks. This step can take up to five hours to complete and requires multiple passes with varying grits of sandpaper.

Cleaning and Preparing the Floor: The surface of your hardwood floors will need to be thoroughly cleaned after sanding to remove any dust, dirt or debris from the floor. This will ensure that the new finish will adhere properly to the surface of your floors and look beautiful once it’s finished.

Staining the Floor: Once your floors are sanded and cleaned, they will need to be stained or sealed to give them their final appearance. There are many different types of stains and finishes available, with some being more expensive than others.

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