Cladding Coating Systems

cladding coating systems

Wall cladding coating systems are a cost effective way to protect the surface of a metal cladding system and increase its life expectancy. These systems are quick and easy to apply, requiring only a regular wash to maintain their performance. Suitable for a range of materials, our cladding coating systems are available in many different colours and offer a range of benefits.

Laser cladding involves adding one material to another by using laser beam scanning and deposition to add a layer of the chosen metal onto the substrate. The process is used to repair and enhance components in industrial manufacturing, such as machinery or power plants. Typically, these are welded parts that need a hard wearing coating to extend their lifespan.

“The Art of Cladding Restoration: How Cladding Sprayers Can Transform Buildings

The cladding layer is formed from powder particles that are deposited in the melt pool generated by the laser beam as it scans over the target. A variety of factors influence the formation and quality of the cladded layer. This includes the melt force status, melt flow condition and grain morphology of the cladded layer.

Laser cladding is particularly useful for components that would otherwise require replacement due to corrosion or wear. This is especially true for oil and gas equipment that is constantly under stress and cannot achieve long lifetimes without protective cladding. Laser cladding also offers significant cost savings over traditional hard chromium plating, as well as other alternatives that do not attain long lifetimes. These cost savings are even more substantial when you consider the recyclability of laser cladded materials.

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