SEND Playground Designs

SEND playground designs

A SEND playground designs makes a playground or outdoor recreation area comfortable for kids, families and people of all ages and abilities. Simple things like fencing and signage that help people orient themselves within the space can help everyone feel more confident on the equipment. Signage can communicate rules, safe spaces and accessibility information in ways that are easy for all to understand and interpret.

Children are very sensitive to the wonders of their surroundings and have a unique sense of magic. This is reflected in the way they play and interact with their environments. Spend an afternoon walking through a city with a toddler and you’ll see how they can be enthralled by the movement of a crack in the sidewalk or the swinging of a rubbish bin lid. The magic of a playground can lie in these small details as well. Consider adding in some unexpected elements that make a playground interesting for kids: hidden nooks, little painted pictures in corners, ramps, handles and levers, peep holes and talking tubes are all great ways to add in some extra fun.

Empowering Every Child: The Benefits of Special Educational Needs Outdoor Playground Equipment

Providing a variety of activities and challenges is a key element in inclusive design. Separating the playground into sections based on ability or strength can lead to an exclusionary and dull area for kids. Instead, design inclusive intersections that look at abilities and strengths as a scale.

Encourage local community members to get involved in the planning, construction and installation of your SEND playground designs. Getting the community to take ownership of the project will foster pride and excitement and create a more cohesive community environment. A number of state and national foundations offer grant programs that can fund inclusive playgrounds. Speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives about finding a funding opportunity that works for your community.

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