MUGA Pitch Contractors

MUGA pitch contractors

MUGA pitch contractors can install and maintain the different types of MUGA sports facilities. These can range from tarmac to artificial grass and they are often used at schools and leisure centres to make the most of available space. MUGA pitches are designed to be an all in one solution for football, hockey, basketball and tennis spaces, saving organisations time and money that would be spent creating individual areas for each of these sports.Read more:

These MUGA surfaces also have the added benefit of being an all weather surface, something that is important to many people who use them. This is because the surfacing is perforated so that water will drain through, meaning the surface won’t be prone to becoming boggy or muddy. This is especially helpful for schools as it means the MUGA can be used by students and their families all year round, not just on fine days.

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The different types of MUGA pitch construction are dependent on the sport and game that will be played. For example, a tarmac MUGA will typically have an open-graded, frost-resistant macadam base layer and a binding infill which are both laid atop free-draining stone. Alternatively, a 3G artificial grass MUGA may be constructed with sand and rubber infill which can have different shock-absorbing properties to accommodate different sports.

Other types of MUGA sports surfaces include a polymeric surface which is usually a 10mm layer of rubber granules with an EPDM structural spray coat and anti-slip capabilities. These are often used for tennis, netball and basketball games and can be bonded to an existing tarmac or an infill surface.

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