Metal Garden Edging System

Metal Garden Edging System

We are so excited about the journey to becoming a preferred installer of FormBoss! garden edging system is a flexible lawn and landscaping product that can be used to create straight lines, angles, curves and any combination of the above. It is also ideal for separating garden beds from the rest of the lawn and preventing grass, weeds and roots from invading the beds. It provides a clean boundary between the lawn and garden bed and prevents over growth, making maintenance much easier.

It is made of mild steel plates with rounded edges on the top and bottom of the profile, making it safer than traditional wrought iron or galvanised steel landscape edging. The rolled top lip protects any sharp edges of connections and stakes, making it safe for children and pets to walk on. Each 3-meter length of edging is supplied with 1 straight joining plate and 5 ground pegs, making it simple to install. For softer ground conditions, the patented spike extension can be retrofitted to each peg and clipped into place using a hammer, providing additional stability to the edging.

Metal Garden Edging for Sloped Landscapes: Erosion Control and Terracing

CORE EDGE is an easy-to-use flexible steel landscape edging designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind. It is lightweight and pliable and can be bent by hand to create both bold straight runs as well as smooth sweeping curves. Made from BlueScope Australian steel, it is durable and able to resist inclement weather and ground movement better than other edging options. It also withstands damage from weed eaters and lawn mowers, unlike traditional landscape timber edging that can crack, split, rot and burn.

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