Garage Door Repair – Fixing Garage Door Problems Yourself

When a garage door repair, it can put your daily routine at a standstill. Whether you’re trying to park your car or get the kids out of the house for school, it’s important to address any problems quickly to avoid more expensive repair costs. If you have a few tools in your tool belt and some troubleshooting skills, it’s usually possible to save yourself a service call and fix the problem yourself.

How do you fix a garage door roller?

If your garage door opens and closes fine, but it’s moving at a snail’s pace, this is often a sign that the rollers are dried out or dirty. Wiping down tracks and lubricating them on a regular basis can prevent this from happening.

A rattling sound can mean that something is loose, so check all of the hardware and tighten any loose bolts or screws. A popping noise can also indicate that the torsion springs are losing lubrication. You can replace these yourself if you feel comfortable doing so, but it’s best to have a professional do it if you have never done it before or have limited experience.

Struts are an essential part of the door, so it’s important to check for damage regularly. A broken strut can cost $150 to $300 to repair, depending on how much damage it has sustained. An annual inspection should be enough to identify any minor issues before they become major ones. A qualified technician will inspect the rollers, hinges, tracks and springs, clean and test safety eye sensors and auto-reverse features, lubricate metal parts, and replace torn weather stripping.

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