Delta EcoFlow Pro – The Powerful Portable Power Pack

delta ecoflow pro

The delta ecoflow pro has one of the most powerful battery packs in portable power. It’s designed for off-grid camping, RV use, or to run your home during a blackout.

A 3600Wh battery is enough to run five essential appliances during a power outage and charge most gadgets at the same time. It can be expanded to 4500W with X-Boost capabilities, or connected up to two DELTA Pros for 7,200W of total output.

Multicharge & X-Stream technology lets you charge DELTA Pro quickly from wall outlets or solar panels in 1.8 hours. And because the patented X-Stream charging technology is so fast, it’s also safe for the battery and system.

You can even go renewable and recharge DELTA Pro using a 1600W solar input port. Its MC4 to solar charging port cable has a 15A max current for a stable connection to your solar panel.

How to Choose the Right Solar Panel for Your Ecoflow Delta Pro

The Delta Pro connects to the EcoFlow App for real-time battery status updates and a plethora of charging settings. You can set the maximum AC input charging rate, the X-Boost speed, and many other options in the app.

It’s a great tool for off-grid adventurers, because it allows you to monitor the Delta Pro and charge it up from anywhere. And since it’s Wi-Fi enabled, you can even adjust the Delta Pro’s battery temperature and voltage remotely.

It’s also a solid backup option for grid-tied homes, because it’s smart energy management features keep your devices running while you’re offline. Plus, the Delta Pro works with EcoFlow’s Smart Home Panel, which gives you a backup solution to your home’s critical loads during blackouts and manages your electricity use for lower costs.

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