Two James Distillery in Detroit

metro detroit distillery

Two James metro detroit distillery is one of the city’s newest artisanal spirits makers. The distillery focuses on using local ingredients to make small batch, environmentally-conscious handmade spirits.

Founded in 2007, the distillery makes gin, vodka, and bourbon. In addition, it produces a variety of other cocktails, including its popular rum.

Its tasting room features a reclaimed construction materials bar made of discarded buildings in the Detroit area. The tasting bar also features fifteen new craft cocktails. Each cocktail is unique and includes a different type of spirit. They include: Flora Dora, Coquito, Claus for Vacation, and more.

Currently, the Weiss Distilling Company makes vodka and rum, but they are planning to begin making absinthe in the near future. In addition to the distillery, the team runs a small distilling and tasting room. Guests can visit the location to purchase their spirits, and the distillery will soon be offering a food program and event/theater space.

Located in Corktown, the oldest neighborhood in Detroit, Two James Distillery focuses on producing environmentally-conscious handmade spirits. Their goal is to revitalize the community by reinforcing the craft product movement.

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Two James’ mission is to “create a small-batch, high-quality, artisanal spirits in an environment that emphasizes sustainability.” The distillery sources a variety of locally grown ingredients, and they are committed to using organic, non-gmo, and biodegradable materials.

The Weiss Distilling Company has a strong social media presence and has a full calendar of events. On top of cocktails, the distillery offers drinks and snacks, and will host a variety of special events and tastings.

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