A Relationship Between Cancer and Capricorn

cancer and capricorn

A relationship between Cancer and Capricorn has plenty of potential for success. Both are extremely loyal and will not tire of their relationships even after they go through the puppy love phase. They are destined to stay with someone for their entire lives. However, there are some things to watch out for in a relationship between Cancer and Capricorn.

Cancer is a highly emotional water sign and can be moody. On the other hand, Capricorn is more practical and reserved and has a tendency to compartmentalize his feelings. These characteristics can make Cancer’s moods off-putting to him, so it is important to maintain a level of patience and understanding.

While these signs are polar opposites,cancer and capricorn compatibility in other aspects of their lives is very high. Intimacy, sex, and passion are some areas where they are compatible. In the area of sex, the relationship between Cancer and Capricorn can be incredibly passionate. Both sign signs are also very sensitive and need a strong connection.

Cancer and Capricorn have very different styles of love, but the two have similar astrological personalities. Cancer is a “motherly” sign, and Capricorn is a very practical and goal-oriented individual. This combination of opposites is a potential recipe for disaster, but in reality, the opposites can be very attractive and mutually beneficial.

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