The Political Costs of Temporary Workers in France

temporary workers in france

The current employment landscape of France has been characterized by a high rate of unemployment and a rigid labor market. The French government has responded by tightening rules on temporary workers. However, this has come at a cost: permanent employment has higher rates of replaceability, and temporary workers are disproportionately more likely to be unemployed. A recent study from the French government has revealed the cost of the French temporary worker boom. To make temporary work less harmful to permanent employment, the French government must reduce the political costs posed by temporary workers. More info –

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France has a high unemployment rate, which draws temporary workers from elsewhere in the European Union, where they often work for far lower wages than French citizens do. Most of these temporary workers are from Poland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and other countries. This trend is a source of controversy and nationalist backlash. Many French citizens are resentful of the cheap labour from other countries. Nevertheless, the French government’s efforts to curb temporary workers’ growth will ultimately benefit French citizens.

France has implemented a nationwide policy to train workers. Depending on the size of the company, a social and economic committee will be notified. While major changes to an organization do not require worker consent, individual contracts are different. To protect yourself from any future legal hassles, you should consult an employment lawyer. In France, there are laws and regulations regarding open-ended contracts. Employers must have valid grounds for terminating an open-ended contract. Personal grounds include poor behaviour, while economic grounds focus on financial difficulties.

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