Installing an RV Awning Light Kit

RV awning light kit

You can install an RV awning light kit to enhance your outdoor living area. The variety of lighting options available includes rope lights, bright lights, and light kits. Most of these types of lights offer consistent lighting, creating a comfortable atmosphere that you’ll want to spend more time in. Many of these types of lighting systems are waterproof and dust-resistant, and some of them even offer remote controls for convenience. You can purchase a variety of different types of lights that offer different colors, as well.

Turn Off The Power First Before Cutting

You’ll find LED strip lights available that are easy to install. These lights are affixed to the side of your RV. They fit into the compression channel on your awning and hook up to an existing power source. Typically, white units feature a white PCB, while black and tan units feature black PCBs. When installing your RV awning light kit, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. A few minutes of practice can make the process a snap!

Before you install an LED strip light on your RV awning, you need to clean the surface with alcohol or a household cleaner. Dirt and debris can prevent the lights from sticking to the awning and may even reduce their lifespan. Make sure to cut your strip lights to fit the size of your awning. When installing LED strips, remember to turn off the power first before cutting. This will prevent a potential electrical shock or injury.

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