Various Types of Double Glazed Sliding Doors

double glazed sliding door

Double glazed sliding door is popular not only in homes and offices but also in commercial buildings and even hotels which have small space. They are easy to maintain, secure and also safe. These doors help you save energy by reducing external noise and heat exchange. Also they look good and increase the overall beauty of your building.


These are available in different styles like sliding, bypass and bifold. The bold ones have been double-glazed so that they can resist heat and light coming from the outside. All these are easy to install and serve the same purpose. For stacking sliding doors there is new range of double glazed sliding doors with variable glazing panels.


They have various combinations of glass panes and tint so that the amount of sunlight received is balanced. These are available in various types of colours. Apart from these, there is another type of double glazed sliding door which is made up of insulated glass panels and is known as self-adhesive glazing. It is made up of toughened safety glass, which makes it highly secure for use in sliding doors.} For maximum energy efficiency, they are sealed using an electrostatic charge. This helps to avoid moisture absorption. The thermal transfer is done only when the door is open. These are the various types of double glazed sliding doors, which are available in the market. For more information and specifications about them, just consult a professional.

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